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  • Seriously great quality
  • Seriously great quality
    Seriously great quality

What makes
TidyLucy special?

Meet TidyLucy, New York’s first chore flipping, laundry problem solving, brand spanking new and innovative team of garment cleaning magicians!

Turning chores into fun time requires special tallent. Our customers believe we got exactly what it takes! There are countless grey, sterile, wishy-washy kinds of laundromats, cleaners and pickup laundry services in a city that is anything but colorless or boring.

Jump on a TidyLucy wagon and let’s turn the laundry chore time into “got this done” kind of time.

How is this magic possible?


Flip your phone and schedule a laundry pickup date. We are around all week, from the sunrise to the break of down.
Our concierge will swing by at your preferred time.

Pickup & Clean

Once we got your laundry in our hands, rest while we do the washing, cleaning, folding, packing. Just like your labels intended it to be treated.


On your selected laundry delivery date, you will get a text with more specific time a TidyLucy concierge is gonna swing to deliver the goodies. All fresh and clean!


Asked Questions

Can I use my own laundry bag or a plastic bag?

Yes. You can use your own laundry bag, however:
   -   any bag you provide must be fully sealed, we can’t carry baskets or bins with open tops.
   -   for bags over 20 lbs, please make sure it has shoulder straps. Our delivery concierges are hard workers and sometimes it’s impossible to walk up those stairs with a bag that has nothing to hold on to.
   -   We can’t accept bags that are damaged or overflowing with clothes.

You can also use a plastic bag for the first time. Please use one large kitchen trash bag if possible, instead of small grocery style bags, unfortunately we can’t accept those.

Is there a same day or next day laundry service?

You are in luck, we offer same day wash & fold turnover! Keep in mind that hang dry will require 24 hours or longer to be returned, it may be returned wet on hangers if the same day is selected.

Anything I should know before placing my first order?

   -   Don’t leave anything liquid or toxic in the bag.
   -   Empty all pockets
   -   Prepare laundry ahead of time for our concierge to be able to simply grab your laundry and go.
   -   Any orders under $xx are subject to a minimum charge of $xx.

TidyLucy Blog

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How to Wash Bed Comforters at Laundromats

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Blankets or comforters do not fit in the regular-sized washer and dryer machines, which is why these items are the best and most convenient to wash at a laundromat instead at home.

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Laundry Services Strategizing their Marketing Plans

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Well, the simple answer is marketing.

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Small Cleaning Habits that Make a Big Difference

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Always make the bed after getting up.